when somebody is tipsy the world can have different shades of color, so when they are sober is everything in grey?


rident #laugh 2

sometimes it is hard to take the life rident



Sometimes it is just to hard to laugh and take it easy

cloth dance

Do you know these moments when you read a headline of a picture or painting and think „Why does the artist named this picture…like that ?!“ Yeah I am imagine this happened just a few seconds ago.

 I guess it is not because of creativity -or the lack of it- that most artist give their works an unexpected name, in my opinion it has something to do with imagination. What is your imagination and association when you read the headline and see the picture next to it?


Always people compare two things and judge the value of them. This happens a lot in (modern) art and when you look at a painting e.g. of Piccaso and Dürrer, you will always think sth. like "I like this one better beacause of…" but  particularly these are to different kinds of styles so it is impossible to assess 'cause they are all different.


hand in hand



repost: alone


like a cobweb




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